June 25-29 2018 Amanda will be joining a stellar lineup at Broadway Break Thru’s first ever College Break Thru in Chicago. Join myself and other fabulous faculty members as we help prep you for college auditions! Visit for more information.


June 23-25, 2018 Amanda will be presenting a poster at the NATS National Conference in Las Vegas, NV. The poster will feature research on vocal health among recent performing arts grads.

June 10-23, 2018 Amanda will be teaching at the Texas Musical Theatre Workshop in Austin. This is a two week intensive focused on helping students prepare for college auditions. For more information, please visit

May 30-June 3 Amanda will be presenting her paper on the female belt voice at the annual Voice Foundation Symposium in Philadelphia, PA. Her research has been conducted with colleagues Jared Trudeau of Boston conservatory and Dr. Aaron Johnson of the NYU Voice Center. The paper is entitled “Acoustic Investigation of the Female Belt Voice in Professional Broadway Actresses.” Stay tuned for publication dates!

March 8, 2018 Amanda is a special video chat goes with Hues Productions in Ireland. Our chat focuses on vocal health and ways to stay healthy while doing 8 shows a week. Be sure and check it out online at

Fall 2017 Amanda presented a lecture entitled “Caring for Voices” to the Pace University NSSLHA chapter.


Summer 2017 Amanda attended the Summer Vocology Institute in Utah learning more about vocal fold injury and how to help people stay vocally healthy as well as recover from injury. Here are some highlights from the summer!

I dissected a cow larynx!

I learned how to do stroboscopy!

April 2017 Amanda worked as the vocal coach on The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical Off-Broadway. The show opened on 4/4/17 and has been nominated for the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Musical.

LightningThiefPlay-300x300 copy

January 2017 Amanda was honored to teach a musical theatre singing masterclass alongside writing legends Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty at the Junior Theatre Festival in Atlanta.


Winter 2016-Spring 2017
Amanda worked as the Voice Consultant for Theatreworks USA working with the national touring and Off-Broadway companies.


October 2016 Amanda presented her upcoming research with her colleague Jared Trudeau at The Fall Voice Conference and PAVA in Arizona. Stay tuned for more information about the project!
Amanda with her research partner, Jared Trudeau, and their poster at the PAVA Conference.

Amanda presenting research at The Fall Voice Conference.

September 2016 Amanda joined the musical theatre voice faculty at Pace University.

February 2016 Amanda was interviewed by The Weather Channel for their segment entitled Broadway Battles The Cold. AFVS client Luca Padovan was also interviewed!

September 2015
Amanda wrote a post for the Broadway Choral Group helping choir directors learn how to warm their choirs up efficiently. Check it out here!

July 2015
Amanda served as the Voice Consultant for the pilot production of Rock of Ages Educational Edition. The kids learned how to make rock sounds without hurting their voices.

July 2015 Amanda taught a workshop for the Broadway Teaching Group called "The Young Singer" about working with the developing voice. The workshop was filled with hundreds of music educators from around the world.

June 2015 Amanda led an inservice day for the fine arts teachers at Hicksville ISD.

March 2015 Amanda headed overseas to London for a series of masterclasses! She worked with students at the Canterbury Academy, Kent College, and Northbrook College.

January 2015 Amanda was back at the Junior Theatre Festival in Atlanta, the largest musical theatre festival in the country leading workshops in acting and singing.

November 2014 Amanda was a guest clinician at The Balanced Mind Curriculum Conference hosted by Molloy College, presenting a lecture on "Safe Vocal Production for the Young Singer."

October 2014 Amanda taught Vocal Technique at the Next Level Workshop in Austin, Texas.


September 2014 Amanda has joined the prestigious roster of coaches at MTCA! For more information, please visit