Practice, Practice, Practice!

Are you a good practicer? Practicing is essential to your success and growth as a singer and performer, but many people don't really know how to practice efficiently. Being mindful in your practice time is essential to your growth as a singer. Here are some answers to some common practicing questions.

How often should I practice? The answer is: as often as you can. There is nothing wrong with practicing everyday (with one day in there for rest). However, you don't need to practice that often in order to get better. I suggest at least 30 minutes at a time 4 times a week. This gives you enough time to fully warm up and work on music each session.

I can' find the time to practice. What should I do? Look at your calendar for the week and find times where you can dedicate 20 to 30 minutes to practice. Put them on your calendar just like you would an audition or work. Then, stick to it! Let you roommates know that practicing is part of your job and that you'll be singing at these times so that they can plan accordingly. Your practice time should be in addition to your Daily Vocal Routine.

How do I actually...well, practice? This is where many people go wrong. I always suggest recording your lesson so that it can act as a guide for your practice time. Re-listen back to your lesson so that you can use the vocalizes that we did. You will also hear my suggestions again, which can help keep you on track. ALWAYS start your practice time with the vocalizes to not only get your voice warmed up but to also help your voice get stronger and more in line. Once you've done that, you can begin to look at your music. Just singing songs is not productive voice practice. Think of your vocal exercises like a prescription from a doctor. You should follow them exactly as prescribed until you are able to guide yourself on your own.

I don't have a piano so how am I supposed to practice? This is where that recording will come in handy. You should also meet with a coach and have them play just the piano track of your music so that you can run it anytime you want.

How can I be sure I'm practicing efficiently? I suggest keeping a practice journal. I know this sounds silly, but for a month or two, keep a journal of how you long practiced, what you discovered when practicing, as well as any questions that come up during your practice time. This is a great way to monitor your progress as well as see trends in your practice routine. You can also bring your journal to your lessons to go over questions or concerns from your practice time.

Everything is different when I'm on my own and not in a lesson. How can I be sure I'm practicing correctly? This comes up often. A journal comes in handy here as well. This is where you can make specific notes about what exercises you did and what didn't feel right. Maybe even make notes about what you tried in order to fix it. Then we can have a chat about what's going on in order to maximize your efficiency.